What Luck :)

Slowly and steadily, I started reading about it with more interest. No force from the top management so it was more of a personal interest.

I started seeing the benefits of it unfolding right before my eyes.

It broke the invisible barrier between the developers and testers and we began to work as a team.

It made us work in parallel, it helped us solve issues faster and deliver more to the customers.

Then I had to leave and join another company. My current company, a leading Telecom Product Company 🙂

My project is filled with Agile enthusiasts. I felt at home.

I was given the honor of being the Scrum Master in the team. Now I could try the different tools of agile that I had read about.

To facilitate better, to help my team better.

There were a lot of trial and errors I had to do and that still continues… Since it is after all “AGILE”  🙂

Since then, there has been a passion burning inside me, to help people understand agile and to harness its benefits.

Because I know how painful certain situations can be and would never like to see anyone else suffer the same way.

Do you share the same passion?


About agilesoma

An aspiring agile coach. I work in one of the leading Telecom Product Companies. I am a CSM and have more than 2 years of experience in working with agile teams. Passionate about agile/scrum and helping people who would benefit from my experiences and understanding.
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