My 1st Acceptance

I was and am still from the testing community and a “tester” by profession.

It was a shock for me when they said that there are no testers or developers, everyone has to take up all the tasks and everyone in an agile team would be called as “Developers”.

But I was happy with that 🙂 cause in India, there is not much of a respect for a tester, socially or professionally.

Reason for making this generalized statement:

If I had to go to a get-together, and when asked what I was doing, I would say that I am into testing.

They would just look down at me and say, “Don’t worry, you will do better in future.. Oh by the way.. Did I tell you? My son is a developer! He is just brilliant!!”

The notion is that, if you are brilliant and top of the class, you get to be a developer else you are shunted into testing. I felt otherwise;

there is nothing wrong in being a tester, we add quality to the product. But that faith dint help. The fear of not getting accepted as a true professional overpowered my faith

So with my efforts of keeping the quality of the product I was working on, I also worked around on how to get accepted in society.

It was simple, I just had to say “Now I am working in an Agile team and I am a developer”  🙂

This was my 1st step to accepting Agile.


About agilesoma

An aspiring agile coach. I work in one of the leading Telecom Product Companies. I am a CSM and have more than 2 years of experience in working with agile teams. Passionate about agile/scrum and helping people who would benefit from my experiences and understanding.
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